BBJ-S-21793-00 Truss Adapter for 10x17


Availability : 4 to 6 weeks


Trampoline Accessories



Introducing our game-changing Adapter for Rectangle Trampoline Basketball Hoop (Truss Only)! Now, the fun on our rectangle trampolines has reached a whole new level.

Specifically designed to work with JumpSport Classic and AlleyOOP 10' x 17' trampolines with Safety Enclosures, this adapter is not compatible with other brands of trampolines or enclosures, or JumpSport/AlleyOOP round trampolines. Please note that this product includes the truss only - trampoline, enclosure, hoop, and backboard are all sold separately.

While not necessary for ProFlex Basketball Hoop installation, this adapter can greatly assist in positioning the hoop in a more accessible location on the trampoline, enhancing your basketball experience.


Lead Time
4 to 6 weeks

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