King Kong 7.2' & 5.6' Deck Height

Ignite your child's wildest dreams with the King Kong Clubhouse - the most colossal outdoor wooden playset in all of America!
Prepare to be amazed by the built-in multi-level climbing system, designed to conquer every young adventurer's wildest dreams. Standing tall and proud, the deck reaches an astonishing height of 7' 2" and 5' 6", while the swing beam soars towards the heavens at a towering 10.5'. Brace yourself for thrills beyond measure as you embark on the epic 14' long Safety Scoop Slide. But this is just the beginning! Brace yourself for double the excitement with dual slides, upper level cabins, and the massive King Kong playset Penthouse. And guess what? This phenomenal playset can be fully customized and expanded to satisfy your family's every desire. Whether you have little ones or fearless adventurers, the King Kong Clubhouse unequivocally reigns supreme as the ultimate source of limitless excitement.