Rainbow 5.8' Deck Height

The Original "Big Clubhouse"!
Introducing the incredible Rainbow Clubhouse swing set! This is the ultimate outdoor playset that combines quality, safety, and beauty. With endless customization options and an array of features, it's truly the Gold Standard in playsets.
Compared to the Sunshine Clubhouse, the Rainbow Clubhouse is bigger and better. It boasts a 5.8 deck height and thrilling 10.5' scoop slides, making it a perfect choice for children aged 3 to 12 years. Plus, with 8 rail openings, the design possibilities are endless.
Take this playset to the next level by adding on amazing features like a rock wall, a lower level playhouse, or even a picnic table for a delightful tea party. The Rainbow Clubhouse offers unrivaled versatility and is guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun for kids of all ages.