Every trampoline has 2,500,000 test recoils

Whether it’s a leaf spring or a coil spring trampoline, all Vuly products go through a thorough weight and weather testing process ensuring they're ready for kids to play in your backyard. All children's outdoor play equipment from Vuly is fine-tuned until we're sure it can stand the test of time in your backyard. This results in every trampoline frame and spring being bounced on thousands of times – tested for your kids.

Experience the safety and performance of an AlleyOOP Outdoor Trampoline

What makes our outdoor trampolines the best bouncing trampolines on the market? Spring quality. AlleyOOP and JumpSport springs are formulated to stretch longer than any competitor's springs, giving you the most efficient bounce.

Free Jump · Square Springless Trampoline

Other cheap trampolines will rip, break, crack and become unusable after only a few times of playing. Not Our Free Jump Square Recreational Trampoline!

Free Jump have manufactured our trampolines with high quality patent metal, springless rods, and heavy duty mat and net materials to prevent any damage when you or your children jump.