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Rainbow Play Systems

8732 Glenwood Ave.




(919) 420-0005

Open Play is Mon-Fri from 10 AM - 2 PM

Entry fee is $7/Child

Outdoor Play Safety

Play Safe, Stay Safe

5 Tips for Outdoor Safety

Having a backyard playset opens up a whole new world for children, whether their imaginations turn it into a pirate ship or a princess castle. For parents, though, a playset opens up new anxieties. Keep these five tips in mind to ease your worries and help keep your family safe during outdoor play.


The biggest key for playset safety is the location of the equipment. Even if your yard can technically hold a playset, you’ll want at least six feet of open space on all sides, to allow for jumps, falls, and general roughhousing. Check this area regularly for rocks, sticks, dips, and other tripping hazards. Kids aren’t always aware of where their feet are going, so make sure the ground is clear.


In the same area around your playset, six feet per side, lay down protective surfacing, such as rubber tiles, wood mulch, or sand. Hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete are risky, and even grass is too hard to break a fall from any height. Of course, you’ll still want to caution children to be careful, even with a softer landing.


Quality playsets are built to last, but the wear and tear of rambunctious kids and the ferocity of nature can take their toll. Periodically examine all the equipment on your backyard structure: make sure anchors are secure, joints are tight, and nothing is loose or rusting. It’s always better to catch a problem before it becomes an accident.


A major rule to convey to any kids playing on your playset is to never attach ropes, leashes, or any other kind of cord to the equipment. Tripping and strangulation are both serious risks. Another often unnoticed hazard comes from children’s clothing. Hoods and drawstrings can catch on swings, or get caught between sections of equipment, and restrict breathing.


Though it’s tempting to send kids out into the backyard to get their energy out, you should still keep an eye on them. Supervision is vital to safety; when you can see a dangerous situation, you can head it off before it turns into an accident. Every child is ready for different levels of independence at different ages, but never leave your kids playing on a swing set out of sight for an extended period of time.

A backyard blast

With these easy safety tips, you can turn your backyard into a worry-free fun zone for your kids and their friends. By staying on top of potential risks, you’ll know they’re playing in a safe environment.

Rainbow playsets are constructed to the highest safety standards with sturdy North American timber and commercial-quality hardware. All surfaces are smooth and hazard-free. Every component is thoroughly tested and evaluated.