2014 Swing Sets Warranty Information

Rainbow Play Systems Warranty Information

The safety of your children is important to us. Rainbow Play Systems always uses the highest quality building materials so we can provide the best swing sets in the industry. Rainbow swing sets are constructed with commercial grade materials even though our Rainbow Play Systems are intended for residential use only. However, we are now offering the Rainbow Play Village swing set line that is perfect for heavy commercial applications such as public parks and schools.

Because we choose the highest quality materials, we’re able to offer outstanding warranties on our swing sets. Each Rainbow Play System swing set is unique based on the features and components your family chooses to design your perfect swing set. There are literally hundreds of components and pieces that go into making each Rainbow swing set, each with its own lifetime or 5-year warranty. And remember, we offer annual safety checks and maintenance plans to keep your swing set safe and ready for play in your backyard.

Lifetime Warranty:




Five Year Warranty:


Exclusive Lifetime & Five-Year Warranties

View/Print Exclusive Lifetime, Five Year, and One-Year Warranties
(Excludes Super Funhouse, Fiesta, Backyard Circus, Carnival & All-American Series.)

2014 Super Funhouse, Fiesta, & Carnival Warranty

2014 All-American Warranty

2014 Commercial Warranty

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